Monday, June 16, 2008

Blog Presentation Tips

So you are a blogger and write good content but your readership is very low?

You know what i suffered from the same situation when i started my blogs A Mad Mad World and The World Is Yours Now.

The main Problem I faced was How To Get more Readership?

To counter that the only thing i could do was to write good content and quality blog content so that my readers love the posts i like. Its not easy for everyone to write on any topic but with a good knowledge and sound ideas and topics based on your interest you can write anything. I personally suggest my friends not to keep writing flashy content by seeing someone Else's blog but write on things that you come across in your life and the topics that suits your personality. Because writing from copying someones idea is going to get you nowhere. You can only write things that you are interested in and not the ones that someone had already written based on his or her knowledge. So get creative and write good content.

Also i will suggest that you must use a good simple and plain template for your blog as it can create a good or bad impression on the user. Also the template should allow the reader to comfortable navigate and read your content.

Second herculean task was Getting My Blog Noticed on Search Engines.

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