Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Review of Bidazzled

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Bidazzled. All opinions are 100% mine.

Well this time im writing a sponsored post for bidazzled. Yes, Bidazzled will be paying me money to write about their products and stuff on this blog but i assure to all my users that as always i guarantee that this post will also be 100% Guaranteed neurtal and in my own words. No fabrication whatsoever are allowed on my blogs so you can be assured that this post is all genuine and written by me.

To start with i will frankly qoute that i never heard about bidazzled and never used their services. It was after their offer to review their website i decided to give it a go. On first look it seems like a normal bidding website, but when i logged in and registered as i user. I got to know that its not just a bidding website, its more that what it looks to be.

The Niche bidding products on Bidazzled are related to entertainment, products available for bid are ranging from game DVD's to Gaming consoles and movie collections, all under one roof available at

Whats more is that it also features a referral system where you can invite friends and get additional bonus on their website.

My judgment on bidazzled would be that its a save website with a niche on entertainment products, the user interface is easy and secured. There is good potential in the website and i find that other users who have used the services are highly satisfied from their service.
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Saturday, December 6, 2008

I too want a External Hard Drive..But not with Virus.

Well, I am a lazy kind of person but I love gadgets. Though, i most of the time keep me aloof from the updates in the technology market as they just tempt me to buy the new gadgets that have arrived in the market.

First of all, I always wanted to own an external hard-disk, something around 500GB, but I was happy that my bro got me a 250 GB. Yes, I already mentioned that I am a lazy kind of person! And Most of the things I get are “Gifted” to me. But I can certainly help people in choosing the best available product from the market.

And the last thing I would like to have was a “” virus. This Virus hacks into your local administrator account, does a lot of work on windows registry, and also does not allow me to open most of the executable, and it even does not allow any antivirus programs to run, or be installed. What a Pain in the Neck kind of a virus!!

And right now I’m left with this problem - with all the online resources not providing me with any solution what so ever. I have tried mailing, faxing, calling, etc. But, all went in vain and no support from any of the solutions provider. Even my techie friend failed to remove this Virus.

Well people, I guess its time for a re-format!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kaiser Medical Insurance

While i was on my business tour to California last month, I was shocked to find that i had pneumonia and the high fever caused by the same made me to almost cancel all my appointments and head back home. Though i somehow managed to finish up with the meeting but the health issues related to the same were enormous. Though i luckily had taken a kaiser medical insurance before leaving and this helped me a lot during my hospital stay.

kaiser permanente is a plan that covers all your medical expenses while you are admitted to the hospital. The medical expenses for a simple fever are too high as medical facilities are not at all cheap in the united states. Its good that kaiser health insurance plans are accompanied with cashless and free medical credit transfers. This helps you a lot when you are in need of money for your treatment or for paying the medical bills of your loved ones.

Credit Repair

The best ways to get a credit repair for your financial goals is to look for websites that have audited and reliable information on credit repair. Mostly people look for loans and credit forwards only by seeing the company name, loan amount they can get and the interest liable on the credit amount.

The main objective of getting a clean credit should be of reducing your liabilities and debts to the minimum. The method should be simple and efficient to give you the best out from your loan and get you to achieve your ultimate goal of repair credit in the shortest time period and the most effective way.

My friend who took loan without looking at the reports about the company had to pay 1% more on the loan. This was the most fatal mistake that one could do as it made him pay $25000 more on his loan for $100000 for a period of 30 years.
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